Wyvern Raises $7 Million for a Constellation of Hyperspectral Imaging Devices

By Aazam

Startup Wyvern said on November 1 it secured $7 million in additional seed funding before deploying its first satellites early next year.

Venture capital firm Uncork Capital led the funding round with participation from earlier investors Mack Venture Capital and Y Combinator.

Wyvern has now raised about $15 million for plans to develop a foldable telescope.

Which the Canadian startup says will let it pack more performance into smaller, cheaper-to-launch hyperspectral imaging satellites.

Hyperspectral sensors provide data in multiple spectral bands to enable analysts to detect events in those colors.

which cannot normally be seen by the human eye. Commercial applications to improve these sensors include.

Helping farms save costs and improve operational efficiency by reducing the amount of fertilizer, pesticides and water used.

Wyvern's early satellites would not be equipped with deployable optics and would be limited to providing imagery at a resolution of 5 meters.

Instead, these satellites are designed to give Wyvern a foothold in a commercial market.

Which is also being targeted by other imaging startups including Virginia-based HySpecIQ and Indian venture Pixxel.