What is Space Junk and Why is it a Problem for All of Us

By Aazam

A piece of metal breaks off of a satellite or rocket, reenters the atmosphere, and eventually falls to Earth

A booster for China's Long March 5B rocket crashed into the Sulu Sea near the Philippines at the end of July 2022 after reentering the atmosphere

According to recent research, the likelihood that someone could be killed by falling space debris over the next ten years is disturbing

The number of tiny objects that reenter the atmosphere and hit the ground each year is in the hundreds of thousands

Marlon Sorge, executive director of The Aerospace Corporation's Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies, told Astronomy that the debris "comes back all over the Earth

According to Sorge, up to 60% of space debris disintegrates upon reentry, according to Aerospace's debris database

These are mostly satellites, which are being utilised more frequently for communications and weather tracking

They looked to a public database that records data on both still-orbiting objects and those that have deorbited and reentered the atmosphere

The likelihood of one of these rocket bodies reentering the atmosphere and actually colliding with a human was then calculated

Reentry models were evaluated in a 2021 study published in Advances in Space Research to see how casualty risk could be reduced by taking into account the orbit an object follows when it