Webb Telescope have showed Images of Ring of Neptune

By Aazam

September 24, 2022

After 1989, Astronauts have received the best images of Neptune which were captured by The trailblazing machine

To capture the images of Neptune without a Super powered Telescope is a very hericilen task for Astronauts

The planet is 30 times further from the sun than Earth, standard stargazing instruments could not see anything more than a weak speck of light

The entire look of Saturn is  based on those dazzling rings which are very solid and visible

In 1989, Scientist succeeded to culture the wonderful glimpse with the help of NASA's traveling probe Voyager

Heidi Hammel says that for 3 decades astronauts saw the images of dust particles, however now is the first time we have seen them in the infrared

JWST is so sensitive to capture and make understanding of blank space as well as This machine is powerful to open a box

Grah Sanyog 2022 after-59-years