Webb Space Telescope Disclose Richest and Closest Star Nursery

By Aazam

September 28, 2022

James Webb Space Telescope have revealed the first images of the Orion Nebula, the richest and closest star nursery in the solar system

The first images of the Orion Nebula have been revealed by an international team of astronomers including University of Michigan researchers

The Orion Nebula is Located in the constellation of Orion, which 1,350 light-years away from Earth

The Orion Nebula is an area rich in matter where many stars are formed and our solar system was born more than 4.5 billion years ago

Large amounts of dust is observed in visible light with telescopes such as the Hubble Space Telescope

Myriad number of structures are revealed in the image such as down to scales of about 40 astronomical units and the size of our solar system

These structures include a number of dense filaments of matter and Forming stellar systems are also revealed in the image