Webb Offers Never-Before-Seen Details of Early Universe

By Aazam

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope detects faint infrared light from faraway galaxies to reveal the early universe

These Webb-observing scientists noticed something interesting in the faraway galaxy MACS0647-JD

I had never worked on high-redshift galaxies before, but I identified one that was perhaps the most distant at redshift 11, approximately 97% of the way back to the big bang

The little, red object is older and has more dust than the blue one, which contains new star formation and almost no dust.

The huge galaxy cluster MACS0647 gravitationally lenses it into three images: JD1, JD2, and JD3

At the University of Texas at Austin, Rebecca Larson is a Ph.D. candidate and a National Science Foundation fellow

In January 2023, the team intends to conduct a more thorough investigation of the physical characteristics of MACS0647-JD using Webb spectroscopy

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