Watch a Haunting Video of The Moons of Jupiter and Mars Performing a Cosmic Dance.

By Aazam

The Mars Express spacecraft observed the Martian moon Deimos moving in front of Jupiter and its moons.

The European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft is close to Mars, but far from Jupiter.

That didn't stop it from capturing a remarkable series of images showing the Martian moon Deimos in the foreground.

ESA released a video this week showing Mars' lumpy little moon passing in front of Jupiter on February 14, 2022.

Looks like a Pac-Man to the sequence as Deimos walks across the screen obscuring tiny dots of the distant moons and Jupiter.

The spacecraft is orbiting Mars on a mission to study the atmosphere and climate of the Red Planet and search for signs of water.

The video consists of 80 images from the spacecraft's high-resolution stereo camera.

ESA explains the shaky-cam look, saying Deimos appears to be moving up and down in the animation

The small vibrating movements of Mars Express cause it to rotate to position the HRSC camera.

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