Unusual Black Hole Is Shooting a Plasma Jet Directly At a Nearby Galaxy.

By Aazam

A black hole at the center of a distant galaxy is destroying a neighboring galaxy with a jet of plasma moving at the speed of light

The unique black hole is located in the galaxy RAD12, and its plasma stream is bombarding the neighboring galaxy RAD12-B

Located about 1 billion light years from Earth, the two galaxies are in the midst of colliding and merging

This discovery marks the first time a jet has been observed emanating from the center of a galaxy and colliding with another larger galaxy

Usually seen in pairs moving in opposite directions at relative speeds close to the speed of light

What makes RAD12's position unique is that its black hole is ejecting only one jet

Which is directed towards RAD12-B. Why this jet is lonely is a mystery at the moment

Sloan was found in both optical data from the Digital Sky Survey and radio data from the Very Large Array First Survey

A conical stream of young plasma can be seen as it is ejected from the heart of RAD12

The old plasma blooms like a mushroom cap and completes the jet structure, which spans more than 440,000 light-years