UAE Moon Rover, Japanese lander set to launch atop SpaceX Rocket

By Aazam

October 01, 2022

Tokyo-based company Space has developed a lander and a small rover has been launched by the United Arab Emirates

The Japanese Hakuto-R lander and UAE’s Rashid 1 rover are launched from november 9 to november 15 from Kennedy Space Center of NASA in Florida aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

The landing will target Lacus Somniorum, or the "Lake of Dreams," a mid-latitude basaltic plain

The Rashid 1 rover was developed by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai and IT is expected to operate on the surface for a single lunar day

The UAE has a Mars orbiter, it doesn't have its own lunar landing capabilities and has contracted the private Japanese firm ispace to fulfill that role

The firm is also working on its Mission 2, set for launch in 2024, and Mission 3, for 2025, which will use a second-generation lander

Artemis 1 mission of NASA transfers among its 10 payloads a small JAXA lander weighing about 30 pounds that will attempt a controlled lunar landing