This Week's 2022 Taurid Meteor Shower Will Produce Fireballs in the Night Sky

By Aazam

The annual meteor shower is caused by a fiery eruption and seems to be already being delivered.

The Taurids are not yet at peak, but the sky is already on fire as astronomers anticipate a celestial explosion this month.

Every year around now, Earth flows through a cloud of debris left behind by Comet 2P/Encke that is associated with the Taurid meteor shower.

Every seven years, our planet visits a particularly dense pocket of cosmic erosion that can produce bright fireballs.

The peak of Taurid activity this year is set for November 5th, but several spectacular sizzling shooting stars have already been sighted.

It is difficult to say with certainty whether these are actually Taurids or are being generated by some other debris stream.

November 8 is the point of the full moon, meaning its presence in the night sky will wash away many of the more fleeting Taurid shooting stars.

In a typical year, you'll be lucky enough to see one or two fireballs per night over the next few weeks.

If we get the swarm as expected, you might be able to catch a few in an hour, which is good enough.