These are the 10 Wettest Cities in the United States

By Aazam

Other regions of the country are regarded as the wettest locations since they routinely get significant rainfall amounts. Although Seattle, Washington, has a lot of clouds, is it also one of the wettest cities

The majority of the year is gloomy in Anchorage, Alaska, yet there is a lot of snow there. Then which are the ten wettest cities in the US

Tampa, Florida : Tampa experiences 108 rainy days a year, or 30% of the time. They receive 49.5 inches of rain on average each year, with August being the rainiest.

New York, New York : They have 125 days with precipitation, or 34% of the days. With 49.5 inches, the average annual precipitation is equal as

Atlanta, Georgia : Georgia's capital city, Atlanta, is situated in the state's north central region. There are 116 rainy days on average per year, with an average rainfall of 50.4 inches.

Nashville, TN : Nashville does receive an average of 4.2 inches of snow per year, though the majority of that comes in the form of rain. They average 50.5 inches of precipitation annually, which is somewhat higher than Atlanta.

Orlando, FL : Orlando experiences 130 days of rain every year, sometimes in brief spurts that are followed and preceded by beautiful sun. Orlando receives 51.5 inches of rain on average each year.

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