The World Cup Closeup Is Ready for Fox and Telemundo

By Aazam

Fox Sports holds English-language rights, with games on Fox and Fox Sports 1, while Telemundo Deportes has Spanish-language rights, with games on Telemundo, Universo, and Peacock

All eyes are on Black Friday, Nov. 25, when the U.S. plays England in what may be the first round's biggest match.

Alexi Lalas and other Fox soccer experts are optimistic about both the match and the odds of the United States making it through the first round

When compared to the 2018 tournament in Russia, when the U.S. withdrew, having the U.S. participate "is a wonderful luxury," according to Neal.

But Fox was able to use what it learned and try to make compelling stories about other teams.

Warren explains that "our fan base is just a lot more diverse in terms of ethnicity, and we have to serve all of them, including the U.S."

Fox is betting that this futuristic location on the Corniche in Doha would attract viewers with an all-LED pitch, super high-definition displays, and other modern features.

According to Guggenheim analyst Michael Morris, Fox alone will generate $125 million in advertising revenue throughout the tournament.