The Trailer of 'Good Night OP' Teases Mars Rover Robot Surviving Against All Odds

By Aazam

October 13, 2022

The trailer for Good Night Oppy, unveiled by Amazon Prime, reveals the bond between NASA scientists and the two rover robots

He sent them to Mars for a 90-day mission, only to see that the machines on space missions would survive for many years

Perhaps no one expected the rover to survive all these disasters," says a scientist at one point in the trailer for Ryan White's touching documentary about the Mars robot

In 2003, Spirit, Opportunity, were sent to Mars on separate missions to collect data on two robotic rovers designed to survive 90-day missions

Spirit continued to travel and operate until 2010. Opportunity remained on Mars until 2018 by facing sandstorms, dusty sensors, idle machinery, and challenges

The Good Night OP trailer captures the investment excitement of NASA scientists, with a depiction of Mars robots with eye-like cameras, arm-like appendages

"People are forming a connection and bond to robots," a NASA expert stressed

To capture that emotional connection, the documentary relies on archival footage and imagery from NASA shots of mission scientists and engineers on Earth

Amazon Studios' Mars Rover documentary premiered at Telluride before going on screen in Toronto. Good Night OP will hit theaters on November 4