The Scientists May Have Just Discovered a Lake on Mars

By Aazam

Two very different things are linked with Mars, Red Planet was awash with water, as now-dry riverbeds, deltas, and ocean basins reveal

However when the planet strays its magnetic field,  its protection from the solar wind is lost. an

Mars has plenty of water, in the form of ice, and polar caps. The same view exists on earth on the Greenland ice sheet

The ice sheet creates a lot of  pressure to generate heat, leading to ice becoming liquid deep below the surface

The frigid temperatures at the Martian poles ought to be enough to overcome the heating caused by pressure, keeping the ice solid all the way through

One evidence of the south pole of Mars came from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) which managed radar soundings in 2018 of a region in the ice cap known as Ultimi Scopuli

There are other materials that reflect in a frequency similar to water’s—including metal bearing minerals and hydrated clays