The First Black Woman to go into Space 30 Years Ago

By Aazam

Alabama resident and NASA astronaut Dr. Mae Jameson made history 30 years ago today as the first black woman in space as a crew member on the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

 Jameson was born in Decatur on October 17, 1956, having moved with her parents to Chicago as a child.

Growing up in age, Jameson was inspired by Nickel Nichols, Lieutenant Uhura on "Star Trek," and determined to fly into space.

With a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and African and African-American studies from Stanford University in California, he attended Cornell Medical School.

 Jameson was among the first group of astronauts selected to miss flights following the Challenger explosion and flew 127 orbits of Earth on September 12, 1992.

 After Jameson left NASA in 1993, he became a university teacher and the founder of an International Space Camp.