The Air Force's New SAR Helicopter is Head to First Deployment

By Aazam

The Air Force's new HH-60W Jolly Green II combat search-and-rescue helicopter has deployed overseas

Our crew is ready to rescue anyone, anytime, wherever, against any adversary,” 23rd Wing commander Col.

Deployment is the latest of the helicopter program's recent milestones as the Air Force winds down the procurement.

Moody airmen flew an airman from Valdosta, Georgia, to Tampa, Florida, on Sept. 7.

After refueling and maintenance, Air Force Rescue 490 took off on its domestic mission.

Moody's 38th Rescue Squadron sent a flying doctor and two pararescuemen to South Georgia Medical Center

They picked up an A-10C Thunderbolt II pilot from Moody's 75th Fighter Generation Squadron.

The Air Force has the helicopters, supply network, and trained personnel to enable a 30-day deployment of four aircraft anywhere in the world.

After the U.S. exit from Afghanistan and the emergence of military competition with China and Russia, the Air Force's combat rescue mission is uncertain.

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