Terrifying Images Show Ghoulish Deep Sea Creature Huge Fangs

By Aazam

The aptly named common fangtooth fish-sometimes referred to by its nickname "ogrefish"-lives in deep waters around the world.

They occur at depths between 650 and 6,500 feet, although the species has been observed down to 16,000 feet. This makes it one of the deepest living fish.

According to one Professor Tracy Sutton, while fangtooth fish sometimes rise at night to feed near the surface.

They typically spend their time in the open ocean in waters deeper than 3,300 feet, according to the University of Florida.

Sutton told Newsweek, "One species is actually the progeny of Earth, found in all but the polar seas."

Despite its small size- the common fangtooth fish reaches a length of about 6 to 7 inches.

Distinctive features of this species are its "huge" head and teeth relative to the rest of its body.

This fish has a mouth full of long, sharp teeth – including two sets of large fangs on the lower and upper jaws.

which enables it to capture and hang on prey of many different sizes, an advantageous adaptation in the deep sea where food can be hard to come by.

When a fangtooth prey approaches the animal, the fish opens its huge mouth and sucks the unfortunate prey inside.

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