Stunning Hubble Space Telescope Photograph Displays a Dazzling Array of Stars

By Aazam

When the Hubble Space Telescope looked into a massive star cluster called Terzon 4, it reached a visual and scientific treasure

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) often direct the prestigious Hubble Space Telescope to look at those corners of the universe.

Those can't be represented very well from Earth's surface, where our planet's atmosphere blocks out important nuances in distant light

Arrogant assemblies of stars known as globular clusters, including Terzon 4, are ideal candidates for space telescope work

Some globular clusters, such as Messier 55, are found in this halo, but Terzan 4 is not. Instead, it resides in a part of our galaxy

Which is challenging for astronomers to study, making it a good target for Hubble's sensitive instruments

In recent years, scientists have learned that the so-called blue stragglers are probably two old stars that have crashed and formed a new star

Globular clusters are gorgeous, but Terzon 4 is difficult to see because it is located near the center of the Milky Way

Where the dust and gas around the galactic hearth present another obstacle to observation, a phenomenon known as extinction.

These globular clusters have not received detailed observation because of the clouds of gas and dust that surround the galactic core