Space Force Reveals Official Song: "Semper Supra"

By Aazam

Every branch of the armed forces has its own official tune that ranges that ranges from "The Army Goes Rolling Along" to "The Marine's Hymn"

Every song forms the foundation of services and reflects its values, tradition and culture

The US Space Force, the new military arm that was established in 2019, has now officially adopted its own song titled "Semper Supra"

It was revealed at the 2022 Air and Space Forces Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, September 20th

"Semper Supra," or the "Semper Supra" was named in honor of the USSF motto that can be translated as Latin to mean "Always Above"

Former service members worked together on the song. It was the process included ensuring that the song was in good shape for release

"The music was an lengthy project in the making because I wanted to incorporate all the capabilities that Space Force provides

The vision behind the song," was the statement of James Teichner who was a singer/songwriter and wrote the melody and song and was also the creative visionary and the driving force behind the song's creation

"This is a one-time opportunity to establish a Space Force song that will be part of our culture and heritage for years to come," Raymond added