Selena Gomez Receives Recognition for her Efforts to Promote Mental Health

By Aazam

Selena Gomez has received recognition for her contributions to the issue of mental health.

The Ruderman Family Foundation awarded the Calm Down singer the Morton E. Ruderman Award for "raising awareness and changing the narrative surrounding mental illness", according to PEOPLE.

The Back To You singer, who discussed her mental health struggles in ``My Mind And Me, said she was "honored" by the recognition.

Gomez thought that by sharing her experience, she may inspire others to seek the care and assistance they require to manage their mental health.

Together, she continued, we can effect change as we de-stigmatize mental illness, provide individuals the tools they need to take care of themselves, and encourage others to do the same.

The foundation's president, Jay Ruderman, commended Gomez for her support of mental health services and education.

Selena's personal journey has inspired her to advocate for mental health resources and programmes, said Ruderman.