Scientists Find New Evidence for Large Ancient Ocean on Mars

By Aazam

The discovery adds to the amount of evidence showing that ancient Mars had favorable environmental conditions for possible life.

According to a NASA research from 2015, approximately half of Mars' northern hemisphere was covered in an ocean 4.3 billion years ago.

Another study funded by NASA and released in January suggested that much of the planet's northern hemisphere experienced a climate that was very similar to our own three billion years ago.

From Mars satellite photos, the team collected information. These pictures were then combined to make topographic maps of the planet's northern hemisphere.

The team said it used software created by the United States Geological Survey to map information gathered by NASA-operated spacecraft.

According to the researchers, the ridges are probably the last remaining traces of a former ocean floor and eroding river networks.

Cardenas added that regions on Earth with water-formed ridges and sediment can teach scientists a lot about a region's environment and living forms.

At the time, Curiosity is working inside Gale Crater on Mars, which is in the planet's southern hemisphere.

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