Relativity to Launch Mars Lander from Impulse Space as Early as 2024

By Aazam

Relativity will launch Impulse's Mars Cruise Vehicle and Mars Lander as part of the new cooperation from Cape Canaveral, Florida, exclusively through the year 2029.

The totally reusable Terran R rocket from Relativity would launch from Space Launch Complex 16 at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station during the earliest scheduled launch window in 2024–2025

The lander, protected by an aeroshell, will enter the Martian atmosphere and attempt to propulsively land on the red planet once the cruise vehicle separates

In 1962, Sputnik 24, a Soviet mission, failed to leave low Earth orbit owing to a Molniya rocket upper stage failure.

The payload capability of the Impulse Space lander will support the research and development needed for upcoming crewed missions to Mars

Mueller founded SpaceX's propulsion team, which designed the Merlin engine for the Falcon rocket family and the Draco, SuperDraco, and Raptor engines.

The "glide stage" requires an aeroshell to protect the lander during Mars entry.

Relativity's co-founder and CEO, Tim Ellis, previously worked at Blue Origin and has stated that the company's ultimate goal is to provide interplanetary travel.

The Terran 1 and Terran R vehicles are fully made of 3D-printed parts, which will be needed in the future to build vehicles and other system components on Mars.