"Protection of the Planets": NASA targets asteroid in space collision

September 25, 2022

By Aazam

Europe's Space Agency's HERA hopes to hit Dimorphism in 2026 in order to accurately determine how much impact DART has on an asteroid that orbits the moon

In the coming week, it will be investigating the existence of a "crime site" after NASA deliberately crashed a vehicle-sized spacecraft into an Asteroid

It will also depend heavily on the European Space Agency's HERA mission to unravel the mysteries of these potentially harmful space rocks

NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) hopes to hit the moon of the asteroid Dimorphous at the end of Monday's night

It is anticipated that this will slightly alter its course - this is the first time this kind of operation is tried

Although Dimorphos is only 11 million km (6.8 million miles) away, and is not a threat to Earth The mission is an exercise to determine if the Earth requires astro-bombs to guide an asteroid away from our way

Astronomers across the globe will watch Dart's collision and be monitoring the impact closely to determine whether the mission has passed the test