Orbit Fab Secures New Investor to Support Satellite Refueling Efforts

By Aazam

Orbit Fab said that 8090 Industries was a "new key investor" in the business, without providing any financial details.

The business had already received $17 million in total, including more than $10 million in a round that included Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin Ventures in September 2021

The Ozmen family, which created Sierra Nevada Corporation and Sierra Space, is one of more than 20 "industrial titans" supporting the firm

Refueling services will define the industry's future, and OrbitFab has a clear path to be the category-defining firm that unlocks space industrialisation

Orbit Fab has been working on the technology required for spaceship refueling in orbit.

This contains the satellite refueling port known as the Rapidly Attachable Fluid Transfer Interface.

It got a $13.3 million Defense Innovation Unit contract to deliver hydrazine to a geostationary Defense Department spacecraft in 2025.

Refueling extends satellite life and improves maneuverability, making it a promising starting market for the satellite servicing industry.

Refueling is also required for more involved satellite service tasks, like fixing or modernizing satellites.

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