By Aazam

OneWeb satellites arrived in India via an AN-124 Antonov cargo plane Antonov Airlines

OneWeb said Sept. 20 its latest batch of 36 broadband satellites has arrived in India ahead of plans to launch them next month on the country’s largest rocket

The mission would be the first dedicated commercial launch for ISRO’s NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) using GSLV Mark 3

Ukraine-based Antonov Airlines operated the AN-124 Antonov that delivered OneWeb’s spacecraft to India, Boateng added

OneWeb pivoted to India and SpaceX to launch the remaining satellites it needs to provide global services, which the operator said will take place across five missions before the end of spring 2023

The GSLV Mark 3, which last launched in 2019, can lift about 9,000 kilograms to LEO, comparable with the Soyuz rockets that deployed 34-36 OneWeb satellites at a time

OneWeb’s satellites are built by a joint venture between the operator and Airbus called OneWeb Satellites

OneWeb Satellites has pivoted from electric propulsion systems imported from Russia’s Fakel to thrusters from U.S.-based Busek Co

It has reached a settlement deal that could revive its launch services agreement with OneWeb, which is plotting a second-generation constellation