On the moon, There is Proof that an Asteroid Collision Killed the Dinosaurs.

By Aazam

Major space rock attacks on Earth, including a catastrophic impact that wiped out non-dinosaurs, occurred at the same time as asteroid impacts on the Moon millions of years ago

The finding shows that the large impacts during Earth's antiquity were not unique occurrences

Instead, a succession of minor impacts occurred both here and on the Moon, whose surface is covered with more than 9,000 craters from space rock collisions

Astronomers may be able to comprehend the inner solar system's dynamics better as a result of the research

It can be used to estimate the likelihood that large, potentially dangerous space objects will eventually strike our planet

Australia-based researchers discovered the findings by examining small glass beads found in lunar soil samples that China's Chang'e-5 lunar mission would return to Earth in 2020

The extreme heat and pressure produced by meteor hits led to the formation of these tiny glass beads

This means that by determining the age of these beads, researchers may create a timeline of the lunar bombardment

The team's current goal is to contrast the information gathered from Chang'e-5 lunar soil samples with that of other lunar soil samples and the age of craters on the lunar surface