New images of Jupiter from Webb telescope has released by NASA

September 22, 2022

By Aazam


NASA released two new images of Jupiter from the James Webb Space Telescope that showcase the planet's features in detail

The images were captured by the telescope's near-infrared camera, which uses infrared radiation to detect objects in space

The first image of Jupiter is a composite showing the largest planet in the Solar System against the black background of space with swirls of different colors indicating Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere

The bright orange glows at the top and bottom of the planet show Jupiter's Northern and Southern Auroras, respectively, located at both poles

The famous Great Red Spot, which can produce winds of more than 250 miles per hour and is 1.3 times the diameter of Earth, according to NASA

The second image shows a wider view of Jupiter, including its rings, which are a million times fainter than the planet, according to the space agency

The rest of the image shows the blackness of space, there are fuzzy spots in the lower portion, which are actually faint galaxies glowing in the distance