New Discovery Indicates A Finding Points to a Different Gravity Theory

By Aazam

Disturbances in the dwarf galaxies of one of the closest galaxy clusters to Earth point to a different gravitational theory

Dwarf galaxies are small, faint galaxies often found in or near larger galaxies or galaxy clusters

As a result, they can be affected by the gravitational effects of their larger companions

Recent observations suggest that many of these dwarfs appear to be deformed as if the cluster environment has disturbed them

"Such disturbances in the Fornax dwarfs are not expected according to the Standard Model," said Pavel Krupa

"This is because, according to the Standard Model, the dark matter halos of these dwarfs should partially shield themselves from the tides picked up by the cluster

The scientists investigated the expected amount of disturbance of the dwarfs, which is determined by their intrinsic properties of distance

Large galaxies with low stellar mass, as well as galaxies near the center of the cluster, are more easily distracted or annihilated

They matched the disturbance findings shown in images taken by the European Southern Observatory's VLT Survey Telescope

Elena Asencio said - "Fornax dwarfs should already be destroyed by gravity from the cluster center