Neptune's Ghostly Rings has been relieved by Space Telescope

By Aazam

September 27, 2022

The European Space Agency has partners James Webb with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency that give clear view points regarding Neptune and its rings

30 year ago, rings of Neptune were seen however some of which haven’t been seen clearly during the Voyager 2 flyby in 1989

The planet does not have the clout of close neighbors like Venus and Mars or the solar system's biggest residents, Saturn and Jupiter

The ice giant has been seen as a blue planet in images from the Hubble Space Telescope

According to the ESA, the planet absorb methane gas so strongly that is why its looks dark at the wavelengths

Clouds  appear as bright streaks and spots, reflecting sunlight that does not have opportunity to be absorbed by methane gas

The new image has revealed 14 moons of Neptune, including the mysterious Triton, which is the brightest of the moons in this image

The viewpoint of ESA that it is brightest is owing to it reflecting an average of 70% of the sunlight