NASA's Rover gets Struck with Curve Ball while taking a Sample from Mars

By Aazam

October 17, 2022

While retrieving its now fourteenth sample from the Red Planet's surface, NASA's Perseverance rover came into an unanticipated issue

The sample itself stayed secure inside Perseverance's caching assembly, despite the fact that the rover was unable to seal the sample tube, according to NASA

NASA said that a cure for this problem was being developed by the Perseverance team, but as of October 15 there had been no progress

Perseverance, a rover that first touched down on Mars' surface in February 2021, has been taking samples there since September 2021

The samples that Perseverance gathers will eventually be returned to Earth for in-depth scientific investigation, as was previously announced

As you may undoubtedly assume, Earth's analyzing tools are much more sophisticated than those on Perseverance, which is why the decision was made to send Martian samples back to Earth

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