NASA's Artemis I Moon Mission Will Now Launch in November

By Aazam

October 19, 2022

NASA may launch its first lunar mission on Nov. 14. The space agency announced new launch dates for its uncrewed Artemis I around-the-moon mission on Wednesday

As early as November 4, NASA will roll Artemis I back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida's launchpad

The launch on November 14 would take place at night, with a 69-minute window beginning at 12:07 a.m. ET

In Artemis I, a strong Orbit Launch System (SLS) rocket will carry an Orion capsule into space without any astronauts on board

The entire setup has repeatedly visited the launchpad and stumbled through a series of wet dress rehearsals intended to mimic launch conditions

In August or September, it appeared that Artemis I would be able to leave this rock, but due to technical difficulties and the advent of Hurricane Ian, it was forced to be rolled back into its gigantic garage for protection during the storm

According to NASA, checks have revealed that the rocket is essentially ready to take off once more

The date of November 14 is tentative. The performance of the rocket's systems and favorable weather conditions are essential for a successful launch

In case the earlier date doesn't work out, NASA has already asked for backup launch possibilities for November 16 and November 19

During its challenging journey, NASA's moon-focused Artemis program's Capstone spacecraft received some encouraging news.