NASA to design its moonwalking spacesuit system for the Artemis III mission

By Aazam

Artemis III, which is slated for launch some time in 2025, will land Americans on the moon for the first time in over 50 years.

This is the first competitive spacesuit contract awarded for the next-generation Artemis spacesuit and its supporting systems to demonstrate their use on the lunar surface.

NASA reviewed proposals from two eligible spacesuit vendors and ultimately selected Axiom Space, which has a base value of $228.5 million.

Axiom Space will be required to test the suits in a spacelike environment before the Artemis III mission.

Artemis III and future missions on and around the Moon will pave the way for missions to Mars.

The contract will consist of recurring lunar landings, the development of spacesuits for use in low-Earth orbit outside the International Space Station and special studies.

The Artemis program is set to pave the way for “long-term, sustainable lunar presence” and provide experts with valuable data that could be used as a stepping stone for future astronaut missions to Mars, NASA explained.