NASA Rover Encounters a Curveball While Collecting a Sample from Mars.

By Aazam

NASA's Perseverance rover has encountered an unexpected problem while collecting its now 14th sample from the surface of the Red Planet

NASA's Perseverance rover is currently exploring the surface of Mars, collecting samples that will eventually be sent back to Earth.

Perseverance, with its scout helicopter called Ingenuity, is scouring the surface of the Red Planet for viable places to sample

On October 5, NASA announced that Perseverance had successfully collected its thirteenth sample.

Which was described as "fine". Notably, NASA said it planned to collect an additional sample from the same area.

On October 12, NASA took to the Persistence Twitter account, where it announced that the fourteenth sample had been collected.

The rover was unable to seal the sample tube, but the sample itself remained secure within the fixture's caching assembly

NASA said that the Persistence team was currently working on a fix for the issue, and as of October 15 there has been no update

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