NASA could send a Helicopter to have a Closer Look at the Spot on Mars

By Aazam

October 17, 2022

Its principal objective is to find life, but it also generates oxygen and tracks natural resources, which can have far-reaching effects

It was designed solely to demonstrate that powered, controlled flight is feasible on other worlds. It is a very basic helicopter-looking device

This area of Martian dirt, observed in the primary shot of this piece by the HiRISE orbital camera from 265 km (165 km), needs a new perspective

There isn't much information available about it, other than the possibility that it "may also be a prospective future exploration site for a Mars Science Helicopter

That indicates that it is most likely someplace in the Jezero Crater, where Ingenuity is now functioning

Humans want to study this area to learn more about the soil, which may be "either be an old fan, or perhaps the consequence of more recent recurring slope lineae

As a trivia, the object flew 7,392 meters (24,253 feet) from landing till now, reaching 12 meters (39 feet) and 20 kph