Moon Hunter, Meteor Showers, Solar Eclipse and Other Exciting Celestial Events Lined-Up

By Aazam

In 2015, mangrove forests had 18,000 acres which have changed to brown and have perished in northern Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria

That time approximately 40 million dead trees, this accident became the largest mangrove die in history

According to the Scientists, due to El Niñosea levels have dropped, that is why mangrove roots get deprived from water

Mangroves experience a growth and dieback cycle at the same time because the tree cover expanded and contracted new trees

El Niño are responsible for tree die-off, however mangroves in non-tidal regions stayed alive that year

Mangroves are able to  store a huge amount of carbon, therefore these trees play a significant role in fighting climate change

During periods of higher tides, more mangrove grow if  harmful human activities reduce close to trees, then this could give the crucial carbon-sequestering plants a better chance to thrive