Majestic' 3-ton Sunfish Sets a New World Record for Largest Bony Fish Ever Discovered

By Aazam

October 19, 2022

According to a recent study, the largest bony fish ever discovered weighed 6,000 pounds and was a huge sunfish that was discovered dead in the Azores

According to a new study, a massive 3-ton sunfish recently found close to a Portuguese island has broken the previous record for the biggest bony fish ever recorded

In a recent study that was released on October 11 in the Journal of Fish Biology, researchers performed a necropsy on the enormous sunfish and described the findings (opens in new tab)

According to the release, the researchers also examined the sun fish's stomach contents and collected DNA samples from it

According to José Nuno Gomes-Pereira, a marine biologist at the Atlantic Naturalist Association and the study's primary author, the deceased fish is a genuinely "majestic specimen

According to Guinness World Records, a different enormous sunfish that was caught in Japan in 1996 and weighed about 5,070 pounds (2,300 kg) previously held the title for the heaviest bony fish (opens in new tab)

The precise quantity of giant sunfish is unclear, however they are widespread

The world's heaviest freshwater fish, a 13-foot-long (4-meter) huge freshwater stingray (Urogymnus polylepis) weighing a hefty 661 pounds, was caught in June by fishermen in Cambodia