Largest Map of 56,000 Galaxies Reveals Universe's Expansion

By Aazam

October 13, 2022

The night sky may seem deceptively still, but the universe is constantly expanding, meaning everything keeps trekking through the void

A new map of the distances of thousands of galaxies is helping researchers calculate the age and expansion rate of the universe with unprecedented accuracy

Now, with a new map called CosmicFlow-4, researchers are closer than ever to revealing the age and size of the universe

By which the Hubble constant value is calculated to be 47 miles per second per megaparsec (75 km per second per megaparsec)

The researchers used eight methods of measuring the distances to the Milky Way; Two of these methods were their own while others came from previous studie

By comparing these different methods, the scientists were able to develop a more accurate map

For Cosmic Flows-4, the researchers measured the distance between 56,000 galaxies and their velocities as they moved away

To build CosmicFlow-4, the research team determined the distances and velocities of thousands of galaxies in eight different ways

He used data from his own study and those of others, most of the data coming from the Alfalfa HI survey from the now-defunct Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico

The researchers kept the margin of error extremely low by including multiple precise measurements and distances from different galaxies