JWST Captures a Newborn Star Starting its Life in the Middle of a Dusty Hourglass

By Aazam

James Webb Space Telescope's newest image is an ethereal hourglass of orange and blue dust being shot out from a freshly emerging star.

NASA and ESA reported the multicolored clouds had never been observed until Webb's Near-Infrared Camera  captured it.

Protostar L1527, a very young star, is obscured by the edge of a rotating disk of gas at the hourglass' neck

According to the statement, the clouds are the result of material ejected from the star colliding with nearby matter.

Being just 100,000 years old and in the early stages of star formation, the protostar is not yet able to produce its own energy.

The surrounding black disc will feed the protostar until it reach "the threshold for nuclear fusion to commence," the statement claimed.

The protostar is situated in the Taurus molecular cloud, a stellar nursery that is 430 light years away from Earth and is home to hundreds of almost formed stars

The most powerful space telescope ever built, Webb, has been in operation since July and has already unleashed a wealth of ground-breaking data and stunning photos.