James Webb Space Telescope Spotted the Earliest-Born Stars

By Aazam

First photos from the James Webb Space Telescope show some of the oldest stars.

Globular clusters include some of the oldest stars in modern galaxies like ours, although their ages are unknown

Sparkler is one of millions of galaxies distant behind SMACS 0723, the first publicly released James Webb Space Telescope image.

Lamiya Mowla and her colleagues noticed an extended galaxy with yellow blobs

The researchers questioned if the sparkles were globular clusters, groups of stars that were born together and stay together.

If the sparkles are globular clusters that blazed 9 billion years ago, they may help astronomers answer this question.

Since the universe is 13.8 billion years old, they evolved soon after the Big Bang.

Before JWST, it was nearly hard to spot distant globular clusters, says Stockholm University astronomer Adélade Claeyssens

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