James Webb Space Telescope Snaps New, Super-Spooky Image of Pillars of Creation

By Aazam

The Pillars of Creation were photographed again by the James Webb Space Telescope in mid-infrared

Thousands of stars in this region disappear from view and seemingly endless layers of gas and dust become the centerpiece, European Space Agency officials noted Friday of the new image

Officials said dust is vital for star formation and helps scientists understand the structure's genesis and evolution in the constellation Serpens, 7,000 light-years from Earth

The Hubble Space Telescope discovered interstellar column-like clouds a generation ago

That observatory, which is still operational and in good shape, has repeatedly looked at the 1995 photograph

The two latest photographs also differ: Webb's Mid-Infrared Instrument produced images this month after its Near-Infrared Camera

Webb's larger mirror and deep-space station also reveal the pillars in greater detail than Hubble

NASA stated that the NIRCam image shows the cloud's structure and many stars that were undetectable in prior photographs produced only a few hundred thousand years ago.

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