James Webb 'Bright, Sparkly Object' in Space Image

By Aazam

The photo, presented to the world in July by US President Joe Biden, shows a fantastically dark view of the universe from billions of years ago

Stars are generally actually quite old and relatively ancient: they contain less of the heavy chemical elements that tend to tarnish more modern stars like our Sun

Our Milky Way Galaxy, in which our Sun resides, with over 100 of these compact clusters scattered around it, when and how it formed is an enigma

The picture called SMACS 0723 is an example of what is called a gravitational lens. It shows a cluster of giant foreground galaxies

It is a particularly beautiful galaxy in the distant distance that has caught the eye of astronomers at the University of Toronto, dubbed the "Sparkler Galaxy

This point can only be resolved with the extraordinary power of James Webb as such - you can't see them with that other great observatory, Hubble

The team finds opposing stars in these spherical glows include those among the first stars to form in the universe, according to astronomers

Everyone is looking for those stars and when we first opened the SMACS image, we were also looking for the farthest things

"It's really going to increase the number of galaxies that we find with luminosity around them," said Dunlop Institute fellow Dr. Karthik Iyer