In October 4 Planets and a Meteor Shower will be Visible

By Aazam

Saturn will give a fine view in the evening, when astronauts see it with the help of telescopes

Jupiter gives the brightest reflection in the evening sky after the moon october. It will be visible all evening below the Square of Pegasus in the constellation Pisces

Mars will be a striking object in the constellation Taurus on Oct. 1. The Red Planet will rise around 10 p.m. and brighten during the month. It will form a triangle with two bright red giant stars, Betelgeuse to its south and Aldebaran to its west

In October Mercury will get a good  morning appearance however this view is observed in the Northern Hemisphere

The smallest planet of the solar system will rise in the east, before the sun and it will rise before sunrise

Moonlight will not interfere, the Orionids have shown to originate from the constellation Orion, which will rise before midnight in the east-southeast

The Orionid meteors are caused by dust particles from Halley's Comet, left behind in the comet's orbit