Hunter’s Moon, Meteor Showers, Solar Eclipse and Other Exciting Celestial Events,,,,

By Aazam

The tides are changing, and a new season has already begun in certain regions of India

The chance to see the sky through a cloudless lens will keep growing as the skies start to clear with the arrival of monsoon

Many devoted astronomers recognise October as the month for meteor showers, and it appears like this year won't disappoint

The giraffe constellation Camelopardalis is a sizable constellation, and during the night of October 5–6, it will probably be visible with its meteoric companions

The shower has been unsuccessful in some years, but in others, it has even outperformed the Perseid and Geminid meteor showers with a spectacular 600 meteor per hour spray

On October 7, keep an eye out for this dragon as it emerges from the Draco constellation from dusk to dawn. You just might catch a few

On October 8, Mercury will leave our Sun at its furthest point (approximately 18° west elongation from the Sun), making this the best day to view Mercury from Earth

On the evening of October 9, the full Moon will be visible in its full frontal splendor, which can make certain meteors difficult to detect due to their stunning brightness

James Webb Telescope Captures 'Knot' of Galaxies in the Early Universe