Hidden lakes of Liquid Water on Mars Scientists Unveil New Evidence

By Aazam

Liquid water on Mars would boost hopes of discovering extraterrestrial life there one day.

Within the last few months, Nature Communications and Journal of Geophysical Research Planets published the two studies

After the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft, the debate over liquid water under the ice cap began.

The work found that temperatures under the iceberg may reach -100 Fahrenheit within range for salt water.

The Journal of Geophysical Research Planets study advises that the unique geologic and geographic conditions at the south pole would take part in the existence of liquid water.

Mars has disclosed  its top secret to scientists through the work of our robotic explorers on the ground.

According to researchers, any organisms concealed beneath the ground could have  survived the longest.

It is possible in future  if life ever evolved on Mars, this will be revealed in future missions.

Latest investigation involved uncovered organisms to subsurface radiation levels as well as deep underground radiation levels on Mars.