Graveyard of Sun First ever Galactic Underworld Map Created of Dead Stars in Milky Way

By Aazam

October 06, 2022

First map of the Galactic Underworld discloses that a Graveyard of suns is three times larger in the Milky Way Galaxy

Neutron Stars and Black holes are formed when massive stars exhaust their fuel and suddenly collapse

In neutron stars, the core is so dense that electrons and protons are forced to combine at the subatomic level into neutrons

Both kinds of Stellar corpses warp space, time and matter around them

The full lifecycle of the ancient dead stars, the researchers have constructed the first detailed map showing where their corpses lie

The oldest neutron stars and black holes were created when the galaxy was younger and shaped differently and subjected to complex changes spanning

The oldest neutron stars and black holes are ghosts still haunting a house demolished long ago