Grah Sanyog 2022 after-59-years

By Aazam

Changing the movement of planets will have effects on the country as well as the people of all zodiac signs

On 24th September, Venus planet  will enter Virgo  before Navratri and Mercury and Sun are seated there

Venus will reach and together with Mercury and Sun will form Trigraha Yoga

Before this Mercury and Sun together in Virgo have formed Budhaditya Yoga

On September 24, the change in the zodiac of Venus will create a debilitating Raja Yoga

Bhadra Raja Yoga and Hans Raja Yoga will also be formed and according to astrologers, a rare combination of planets is happening after 59 years

Hans Raja Yoga formed in Gemini will give a myriad number of  benefits to the people of this zodiac in career and business