From Vandenberg SFB SpaceX Rocket Set to Deliver Starlink Satellites

By Aazam

October 06, 2022

From Vandenberg Space Force Base, a Falcon 9 rocket delivers another group of Starlink satellites into orbit from Vandenberg Space Force Base

The Falcon rocket will launch 52 Starlink satellites for the SpaceX campaign to make a constellation of craft to spread internet connectivity all over the world

In 2021 Eight Starlink missions were  launched by SpaceX from Vandenberg

Approximately 3300 Satellites have been delivered by the firm into orbit, with most of Satellites had launched from Florida

The SpaceX launch site is able to be seen from several spots around the Lompoc Valley

Most interesting sites such as the west end of Ocean Avenue, the peak of Harris Grade Road and several spots are located in Vandenberg Village

At, a webcast of the mission can be found and is scheduled to start about five minutes prior to the launch