France will allocate 25% more amount in Space Budget

By Aazam

French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne announced the government planned to allocate more than 9 billion euros to space activities over the next three years

With 1.5 billion euros to assist the France 2030 investment program to support space and other major industries

ESA will request more than 18 billion euros from its member states to fund existing programs and new initiatives for the next three years

Our proposal of a 25% increase is more or less keeping pace, he said. What we are aiming at doing is making sure we are not thrown out of the race

Our ministerial package in November will be focused on making Europe more independent, more resilient, stronger in terms of its space infrastructure,” he said, making it a good partner internationally

It was expected that we would not stick together” during the crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion, said Walther Pelzer, director general of the German Space Agency, at the IAC roundtable

The overall increase is in lockstep with ESA’s plans to seek a 25% budget increase at November’s ministerial meeting

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