First Map of Milky Way's Galactic Graveyard Revealed

By Aazam

October 12, 2022

The skyline is a grand graveyard. Stars are born, burn, and die, but they don't disappear—and the galaxy is haunted by their corpses

Massive stars in the Milky Way that died out billions of years ago went into supernovae and turned into two types of objects

The remains of these ancient stars are known by scientists as the "galactic underworld

Researchers have finally created the first digital map of the galactic underworld to see how and when these early stars were born, lived and died

The researchers were able to find out when and how they were born and evolved by analyzing observations of neutron stars and black holes

Seeing that its spiral arms didn't even open, such an unfamiliar region made it difficult to even guess where to look for hidden black holes and neutron stars

Created by astronomer David Sweeney and his colleagues at the University of Sydney, the new map hides the bones of these old stars

The map also suggests that about a third of the remnants are either already there or have their way out of the Milky Way

If the star expels gas and dust in the region where it is releasing more force, it will be sent flying past neighboring gobs of star stuff