First Glimpse of the High-Productivity Star Factory at the Galactic Center

By Aazam

Astronomers have managed to get the first representative glimpse of several small stars in the central regions of our home galaxy.

There is evidence from observations that star formation in the galactic center started near the center and then went outwards.

Our galaxy is not very productive because, taken together, new stars in our home galaxy do not form more than a few solar masses a year.

If we want to learn about high-productivity star formation from the central regions of our galaxy, one challenge is that these regions are extremely difficult to observe.

What is needed, in order to identify individual stars in a crowded region, is resolution—the ability to distinguish small details in the sky.

When the researchers looked at the false-color images from the GALACTIC NUCLEUS survey, they immediately noticed that the region in the galactic center known as Sagittarius B1 was distinct.

The statistical distribution of stellar brightness for those stars was particularly interesting - how many stars were in each "brightness bracket".