First Artemis 1 Space Photos Remind Us of Classic Apollo Photographs

By Aazam

Images of Earth being returned by NASA's Orion spacecraft are evocative of the "blue marble" photos obtained by Apollo astronauts fifty years ago.

This time, the photographer is basically a robot that was built into the Artemis 1 mission's camera equipment.

The 16 cameras on Orion are primarily used to track the internal and external performance of the capsule's parts from launch through splashdown.

Orion and the Artemis 1 crew launched 10 shoebox-sized satellites following trans-lunar injection.

In order to understand the thermal climate of the Moon, another satellite called LunIR will capture pictures of the lunar surface.

Orion's seats are occupied by three mannequins that are equipped with sensors to gather information on radiation exposure and other characteristics of the space environment.

On November 21, when Orion is scheduled to fly past the Moon at a height of around 60 miles, the mission will reach its next significant milestone.

The multibillion-dollar project, Artemis 1, has undergone years of development and has received some criticism.